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Florida’s Medicaid Program Is Changing! Find Out If Your Eligibility Is Affected And How You Can Get A $0 Premium Plan If You Lost Coverage!

The New Florida Medicaid Redetermination Plan May Seem Confusing. Here’s A Breakdown Of What It Means, Why It’s Happening, And What You Need To Know About Your Other Options!

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In 2020, the federal government mandated that people who were enrolled in Medicaid – a healthcare coverage option for low-income individuals and families – be given continuous coverage, regardless of if their eligibility status changed. This was in response to the pandemic and a way to ensure that everyone had the coverage that they needed during an unprecedented time! Because of that, enrollment in Florida Medicaid has nearly doubled, going from 3.8 million as of March 2020 to 5.5 million in November 2022. However, the laws are now changing, and Florida will begin disenrolling people who are no longer eligible on April 1. Officials with the Florida Department for Children and Families have already identified about 900,000 people who aren’t eligible and who will lose coverage.

So, what are you to do if you are included in that number? Don’t panic! You will be notified about your coverage and redetermination timeframes/next steps. If you are no longer eligible and will lose your Medicaid coverage, you have other options, including commercial coverage! Free Obamacare offers a variety of great health insurance plans from one of the top healthcare providers in the state that covers everything and may cost you nothing. You may be eligible for a $0 premium plan! Our plans cover all pre-existing conditions and are highly affordable. Compare rates and get a free quote today!

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